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Make Money While You Sleep

Want to start or expand your business? Looking for digital business opportunities? Want to make money online?

The Money Machine Books are a guide to make use the digital marketplace to make money and succeed.

In 2020 there were 4 million new businesses started in the US.


start at home


Create jobs


Use social media



Money Machine books are about making money online. Make the digital network work for you. Dive into our startup series.

Side Hustle Workbook

Start or Grow Your Business

New Business, New Products, New Ideas

30 Business Ideas in 30 Days
10 Product Ideas in 10 Days
Startup Playbook


Make an Impact

Become an influencer via video, podcasting or social media. 

Make an Impact

Influencer Marketing

What To Sell?


Passive Income + Multiple Streams of Income

Make money while you sleep and learn not to rely on one stream of income.

Make money while you sleep

Wealth and Abundance

Keep Track of Your Money


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