Tired of Feeling Unproductive?

Are you feeling like you are always behind? Can't seem to get everything done?

Ready to start accomplishing more, quicker and easier?

Feeling Like You Are Doing the Most But Not Accomplishing Anything?

Want to be more efficient? 

You can't take back time but you can learn how to use it more effectively. Sometimes it's not always about go go go.  Sometimes you need to take time to pause, to plan and to recharge.

We are all unique when it comes to achieving our tasks.

Learn how to make productivity tools work for you.

Learn how to do more in less time with the Productivity Toolkit.

Toolkit Includes:


The Productivity Guide walks you through 11 steps to become more productive  and achieve more. 

Productivity Checklist

Achieve your tasks and goals and  develop routines for self-care and your work day. 

Productivity Hacks

15 Productivity Hacks  you can implement now for a successful business. 

Productivity Journal

As you work though the productivity guide use the journal to complete the activities and record your thoughts.


Get the Money Machine exclusive Dream Big Workbook and Money Machine Planner.


Money Machine Dream Big Workbook

It is essential that you take the time, at least once each year, to determine what is working for you and what is not.

Money Machine Dream Big

Money Machine Planner

Money Machine Daily Planner
  • Daily Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Monthly Planner
  • Pomodoro Tracker

Productivity Guide Includes:

productivity guide

The 31-Page Guide walks you through these 11 steps to become more productive. 

  1. Know your Work and Productivity Style
  2. Know your Peak Energy Times
  3. Create and Maintain Daily Rituals and Routines
  4. Eliminate Distractions
  5. Eat the Frog
  6. Get Close and Personal with Your Calendar
  7. Batch Your Tasks and Theme Your Weeks
  8. Plan Your Day the Night Before
  9. Take a Kit Kat Break
  10. Reward Yourself
  11. Reflection: Review, Reconsider, and Rework

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Do You Want to Be More Productive?

When you complete the Money Machine Toolkit you will know how to use productivity type to your advantage and how to work during your peak time to get more done. 

Take advantage of the Pomodoro Method and other productivity and time management tools. 

Get Your  Productivity Toolkit Today