Personal and Business Budget: Financial Planner (Green))






This small 6x9 budget log book for entrepreneurs is perfect to record and track your income and expenses for personal and business purposes.

The Personal & Business Budget Financial Planner will help you plan and reach your money goals.

Keep track of your money and where it's going each month. Finally manage your personal budget by keeping track of your bills and debt repayments. Create a savings plan and stick to it.

Track your business expenses for tax purposes.

Separated into three parts: money goals, business and personal. The Planner designed to help you achieve your financial goals.


  • Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Financial Goals
  • Bank Account Information

Business Tracker:

  • Business Goals
  • Annual Summary
  • Expense Trackers
  • Monthly Business Budget

Personal Tracker:

  • Annual Summary
  • Savings Planning + Tracker
  • Investment Planning + Tracker
  • Asset Tracker
  • Debt Repayment Planning + Tracker
  • Bill Payment Schedule + Tracker
  • Monthly Household Budget